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Our SazCo electric saz guitars are made in England by professional luthiers & Guitar Manufacturers.

Our professional luthiers have been instrumental in helping us develop and make the first prototype.

Through our collaboration, we learned a lot about guitar making and they learnt a lot about the saz instrument itself. Together, we’ve created a unique line of electric saz guitars, that we know you’re going to love.


We’ve spent several years developing the design of our line of electric saz guitar instruments and creating working prototypes. Once we had a prototype for the first SN_X1 Original, Sal Ormandji spent a year playing it so he could see how it plays and performs and make sure that he had made the right decisions on all of the components that he had used on the SazCo SN_X1 electric saz guitar.


In addition, it took Sal Ormandji over four months designing and developing the headstock design alone, to create a unique look, shape, and design. The headstock was designed as a 3D model, then it was 3d printed in resin for testing and then made some final adjustments. The headstocks on all of our models will be laser cut using the latest CNC machinery using cherry wood to create a beautiful finish.


All of the components used on SazCo’s line of products come from well-known manufacturers from all over the world. These include Pyramid (strings from Germany), Seymour Duncan (pickups from the USA), and Schaller (mechanical tuners from Germany). These companies love the SazCo SN_X1 instruments that we have created, and we are excited to partner with them to continue developing high-quality instruments.



Sal Ormandji

The SazCo Founder

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